The best medical and health industry opportunity in the future is in China


China's massive health industry is undergoing a subversive transformation: the real landing of digital medicine, the new global competition pattern caused by the epidemic, the localization of foreign giants, the rise of private unicorns, the dual cycle pattern between China and the world, and the grand goal of 2030 healthy China is approaching. China's mass health industry is ushering in a series of accelerated innovation: patient centered solutions replace single products and become the competition point for the next generation of enterprises; From doctors' dominance to patients' empowerment, it has constantly broken the space and time constraints, presenting new features such as digital, intelligent, personalized health services. China's medical market has become the second largest market in the world. The industrial structure is constantly being innovated and reshaped. It is imperative to build a growth oriented ecosystem.

According to the 2021 Health Trend Development Report issued by Med+Research Institute under Medical Trend, the number of people aged over 65 in China is currently over 190 million, and by 2030, the number of people aged over 65 will exceed 260 million. At that time, China will enter a "super aging society". The huge medical demand of the elderly population is both a challenge and an opportunity for the medical industry.

According to the Report, the best medical and health industry opportunities in the next decade will be in China. After a long wait and accumulation, China's medical innovation will break through the critical point and enter into explosive growth, or a world-class medical product and technology company will be born, which will become a dual engine of innovation in the global health industry in parallel with the United States.

For patients, the ultimate appeal is not innovative products, but solutions that can cure diseases. Therefore, in the future, medical companies must have a thinking that they should provide doctors and patients with an advanced technology or solution to gain benefits, and continue to optimize and innovate products iteratively, which is also a part of building competitive barriers.

In the future, the competition between enterprises will not only be the competition between products, but also the competition of a series of comprehensive capabilities such as industrial chain integration and solution tandem. Applying innovative ideas and digital tools to establish a "patient-centered" health service system is the end of the medical and health industry in the digital trend.

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